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Dear public,

After 6 years of personal investment in the construction and programming Festivaltho, I am pleased to announce today that the Festivaltho grows. Once again, we put the dishes in large, to offer for 3 days a exceptional festival.

This new edition is ready to meet any challenge, our enthusiasm, good humor and dynamism that characterizes us are still intact. We all gathered around the success and the success of this project for your enjoyment.

The great novelty of this 2014 edition is that for the first time, the Festivaltho moves into the station. Yes, indeed, in this edition, there will be two successive sites to host the festival.

The afternoon between 14h and 18h, to the Thorens Chalets, as you already know, and an après ski memorable from 18h to 20h30, in the heart of Val-Thorens station on Place Caron.

This significant development has renewed inspiration and, why not, trace the paths of the future. The 7th Festivaltho is in line with what has shaped the identity and the success of the Festival and our loyal audience so easily find its bearings.

What about programming?

The requirement in the choice and quality of the artists of this event in recent years, gives the festival a national and international reputation, always confirmed.
The 2014 edition is no exception, it is more promising, and we are especially proud of programming.

The reason is simple: Joachim Garraud on Place Caron, Val Thorens, March 27, 2014, there are appointments that do not miss!

We do not forget the presence of Jay Style The Man Show, DJ Getdown that needs no introduction, the beautiful Melyna, beauty does not detract from her talent, she mixes on 4 turntables simultaneously FX Donguy Richard Kha Mad In Thai (electro percussions), Blaise Cohen (electro Sax) In 2014, in Val Thorens, 25, 26, 27 March, the Festivaltho is 2 concerts per day on two gigantic scenes of which is designed by the collective What's Up and VJ ZERO, lights and games special effects by Universal effect, guaranteed auditory and visual orgasm. By opening the Val Thorens, the Festivaltho becomes more accessible to a wider audience.

So thank you, dear audience for your loyalty and for the trust you place in us by coming to the festival every year increasing numbers.

Our goal is to always bring you greater satisfaction and highlight all the natural and cultural riches of this exceptional destination. The festival that we still offer this year was made possible through the continued support and strengthened our partners, the Tourist Office and Setam of Val Thorens, Les Chalets du Thorens, the 360 Bar, and all communities public and private companies, who have helped us and help us to exist.
We thank you all very much.

We also thank the great volunteer momentum that accompanies and inspires this cultural event.

What reconciled with a positive and optimistic vision of society.

Yes, the electromagnet because of the resistance to Val Tho! Enjoy the festival!

Organized in partnership with the Tourist Office and Setam Val Thorens.

With the special participation of FG radio and Clubbing TV.

24 25 et 26 Mars 2015


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